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  Title: Drought Feeding Strategies: Theory and Practice

First published 1986.  This book was written for farmers. It is the fore-runner to the new book "Drought and Dry Season Strategies". For those who have not obtained a copy it is recommended as a companion book to the new book.  Order it here


Title: Matching Ruminant Production Systems with Available Resources in the Tropics and Sub-Tropics

This book combines theory and practice of the animal sciences. It is written for people with a scientific background. There are 256 pages of text containing 110 figures and references to over 500 scientific papers. The theme of the book is 'matching live stock systems to available resources'. 

This book is available in limited numbers . Price and availability on request




  Title: The Roles of Protozoa and Fungi in Ruminant Digestion

This book contains proceedings of a seminar ,sponsored by the OECD and held at the University of New England, Armidale 26-29 September 1988.. Included are 20 invited review papers from leading  international authorities on rumen microbial ecology. This collection is still probably the most exhaustive, up to date source of information on rumen fungi and protozoa. There are 350 pages. Price and availability on request.


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