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The University of Tropical Agriculture Foundation (UTA) was established in Vietnam in 1996, at the University of Agriculture and Forestry, Ho Chi Minh City. The aim was to offer a wider range of opportunities to learn and do research in sustainable agriculture for tropical conditions. The home for UTA is the Ecological Farm. UTA moved to Cambodia in October 1999.
New centres are presently being developed in Colombia (FUNDESAT) and Venezuela (UNET). Ron Leng is a foundation member of the Senate of the University of Tropical Agriculture and travels annually to assist in the tuition of students and to  examine the post graduate school. People interested in helping to support sustainable development can obtain access through the website. People interested in child welfare may be ' blown away' by the developments of ecological farms to support the well being of Aids-orphaned children that has recently developed through an association of UTA with Sunshine House, Australia.


 A spokesman says "Farmer's Market Online is dedicated to providing an inexpensive opportunity for small-scale and home-based entrepreneurs to sell their homemade, home grown and self-produced products to shoppers worldwide. 

Our booth fees are kept minimal -- just $50 for 5 months -- to encourage maximum participation.   We believe that independent entrepreneurs who sell their own products directly to consumers are a key component of a sustainable economy, particularly in economically challenged rural areas". 


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